WSIB Shoulder Program of Care

We have launched a Program of Care (POC) as a standalone POC exclusively for shoulder injuries. The Shoulder Program of Care is specific to shoulder injuries and describes the evidence-based treatment interventions recommended for this population.

The WSIB requires health professionals to treat all eligible workers with a shoulder injury through the Shoulder POC to ensure that all workers benefit from evidence-based care to achieve the best recovery and return to work outcomes. The Shoulder Program of Care is specific to shoulders, is focused on function and enables early/quick identification of cases that need specialized services.

The health professional should be aware of the following Admission Criteria:

  • An allowed shoulder claim by the WSIB and,
  • A diagnosis of bursitis, bruises/contusions, impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tendinitis, sprains/strains or partial tear(s) of the rotator cuff or other shoulder structures
  • Within 16 weeks of injury or recurrence.

Most often, chiropractors and physiotherapists will deliver the program of care. Other regulated health professionals may deliver the program of care if it is within their scope of practice and individual competencies and they have received a referral from the worker’s primary health professional.