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Registered Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human body movement. ... Studies of human and animal motion include measures from motion tracking systems, electrophysiology of muscle and brain activity, various methods for monitoring physiological function, and other behavioral and cognitive research techniques.


Similar to biology, which is the study of life, kinesiology is known as the study of movement. In the health field, kinesiologists have a reputation of being the “human movement professionals” this is because kinesiologists have a heightened understanding of the mechanics of the human body with regards to simple to complex movements and understand why people move the way they do.


Kinesiologists use their knowledge to help their patients improve function, health, and quality of life in general. Kinesiologists can work in a one on one scenario or in a group scenario. A kinesiologists main goal would be to promote workplace safety as well as everyday safety by educating individuals with the required precautions, leading to prevention of chronic diseases and injuries.

Fitness Training Kinesiology Rehabilitation


As technology is becoming more advanced, life expectancy has begun to rise. Kinesiologists hold the ability to enhance patient’s feeling of well-being, whether it be for the elderly, the middle aged, or even the youth. It is extremely important to prevent injuries, and diseases in order to enhance the quality of life.


Kinesiologists at MyHealth Care Centre are extremely skilled and embrace the motto of prevention, rehabilitation and performance, in which kinesiology can be applied to all these disciplines. Our kinesiologists are highly diverse as their knowledge is highly flexible and can address individuals who are seeking to alleviate musculoskeletal pain, chronic pain, improve work performance and sport performance. Whatever your needs are, our kinesiologists are more than capable of helping you achieve your goals.We can help you achieve better health.

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Have Questions?

What is human kinesiology?

Human kinesiology is the scientific study of human body movement. ... Studies of human and animal motion include measures from motion tracking systems, electrophysiology of muscle and brain activity, various methods for monitoring physiological function, and other behavioral and cognitive research techniques

Kinesiology is the study of the dynamics of human movement and its components (anatomical, physiological, neurological, biochemical, biomechanical, neuromotor, psychological) in interaction with the environment.

How can a kinesiologist help me?

Kinesiologists complement other health care professionals through their wide range of knowledge and broad scope of practice. Here are some examples of what a Kinesiologist brings to the treatment team:
  • Prevention, promotion, treatment, and rehabilitation services in various health facilities including mental health clinics and private clinics
  • Neuromusculoskeletal and functional evaluations
  • Ergonomics in workplace and occupational health cases
  • High-performance coaching and fitness training
  • Public health promotion
  • Clinical management and coordination
  • Case management for insurance companies
  • Personal training and physical condition coaching
  • Researching
  • Lecturing, instructing, and teaching
All other actions targeting the promotion of physical activity and the adoption of a healthy and physically active lifestyle
Kinesiology is an evolving profession. Kinesiologists adapt to the changing demands of their clients’ needs.

Kinesiology improving your health and fitness?

Kinesiologists design and conduct health and wellness programs for all age groups, teach and organize courses and workshops in health promotion, including general fitness, sport performance, athletic training, human nutrition and general issues related to a person’s physical well-being.

We provide exercise and lifestyle-based services to enhance the lives of those suffering from chronic diseases or physical and neurological injuries, such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, autism spectrum disorder, osteoporosis, arthritis, and traumatic brain injury.

Can kinesiologist help with injury rehabilitation?

We provide functional assessment and treatment services for the rehabilitation of people suffering from physical injuries sustained at work, in automobile collisions, in sports and other life activities.

One of our primary services is active rehabilitation, which consists of the assessment of physical function followed by the implementation and progression of an individually structured and tailored exercise program to enhance and promote the safe and dependable return to an individual’s regular life activities.

We can also perform specialized services, such as biomechanical analysis of injury, conduct job demands analysis, and functional capacity evaluations in relation to an individual’s occupational requirements.

Kinesiology helping with performance coaching?

Kinesiologists work with athletes to recover from injury, to prevent injury, or to improve overall or specific performance. We provide the knowledge and skills to analyze the areas for improvement or recovery and build a plan with you to help you meet the challenges you face.
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