How do I file a claim for benefits?


1. Report your injury or illness to the WSIB

You should complete, sign and return Form 6 (pdf) as soon as possible following a work related injury/awareness of illness. It's best to complete this form soon after the accident or awareness of illness, while all the details are still fresh in your memory.

There is a deadline. A claim must be filed within six months of an accident or, in the case of an occupational disease, within six months of a worker learning of the disease. The claim may be filed after six months, if the worker can show "exceptional circumstances" existed at the time of the deadline. For further information, call 1-800-387-0750.

2. Consent to release of your functional abilities information to your employer

Your functional abilities information is non-medical information from the health care professional treating you. It tells you and your employer what kinds of work activities your illness or injury permits. Without this consent, you cannot claim benefits.