When do I Return to Work?

Preventing workplace injuries and illnesses is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace. When injuries and illness do occur, however, it is important for you and your employer to try to minimize the impacts by focusing on returning you to safe and productive work as soon as it is medically possible for you to do so.

Why early and safe return to work?

Most people who have a workplace injury or illness are able to return to some type of work even while they are still recovering, provided the work is medically suited to the injury or illness.

Returning to daily work and life activities can actually help an injured worker’s recovery and reduce the chance of long- term disability. In fact, worldwide research shows that the longer you are off work due to injury or illness, the less likely it is that you will return to work.

Both you and your employer benefit in cooperating in your early and safe return to work. You benefit by restoring your source of income and staying active and productive, which are important to the healing/recovery process. Your employer benefits by minimizing the financial and human costs of your injury or illness.