Who pays for Physiotherapy treatments?

There are a few options when it comes to coverage for physiotherapy treatment. Either patient will pay privately themselves or some people will have insurance that will cover a portion of the treatment in some form, we can always help you discuss what options you have available when you contact our physiotherapy clinic, 

Extended Health for Physiotherapy

The majority of patients will have some sort of health insurance available from their workplace, this means that they can submit a portion of the physiotherapy treatment cost to get reimbursed. You have to remember that most insurance companies will either have a percentage or a dollar amount limit per visit, so it's important to understand your plan.  You can contact the health insurance to ask them how your physiotherapy plan is structured.

Motor Vehicle Insurance for Physiotherapy

Car accidents happen from time to time and most patients don't realize that in addition to having your vehicle repaired, that you can also qualify for treatment to help you recovery using physiotherapy, so that you don't have to suffer or have long lasting injuries. Most patient can receive physiotherapy. We can help you get more information and submit the required paperwork for physiotherapy to your motor vehicle insurance.

OHIP for Physiotherapy

We are a private facility who is unable to provide OHIP services.  

Major cuts have been made to OHIP funded physiotherapy.  Currently those covered are under the ages 20 or over 65 and also if you have received any recent surgery.  To find out more about OHIP funded clinics please visit the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

WSIB Physiotherapy

There are also times when someone will sustain an injury while at the workplace, if this happen to you it is important that you report the injury to your supervisor or manager. We are able to do a physiotherapy assesment and complete forms to document your injuries and also to figure out which WSIB program of care is suited for your treatment. If you qualify WSIB will pay for your treatment, and your physiotherapist will be able to  coordinate a safe return to work.

Questions about Payments

If you have any questions about treatment and how you can best coordinate physiotherapy into your treatment, please contact our clinics.