Physical therapist use TENS and IFC for progressing patient is both acute and chronic conditions. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and IFC is short for Inferential Current Therapy. Both are considered passive or palliative that are based on current therapy to manage acute post-surgery or post-trauma types of pain. These two types of therapy offer natural non-pharmacologic treatments to control pain. They also have minimal side effect to patients and are considered non-addictive. Occasional some patients maybe experience mild irritation of the skin where the electrodes are placed. In Mississauga, our physiotherapy machines are compact and offer both types of therapy in one machine.

TENS, Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation

TENS stimulation is characterised by its biphasic current (two phases of wave form). This is through selectable parameters such as pulse width (┬ÁS) and pulse rate (Hz). It can use both high and low frequency. TENS stimulates sensory nerves to block pain signals reaching the brain and naturally increase endorphin production. TENS is generally used to relieve pain, particularly for medical conditions and sport injuries.

Common uses: Chronic and acute pain, arthritis, RSD, back and cervical muscular and disc syndromes, shoulder syndromes, neuropathies, and many other painful conditions.

IFC, Interferential Current Stimulation

This type of stimulation is characterised by alternating two medium frequency electrical pulses, with paired electrodes, that work together to penetrate deep muscle fibres. These frequencies block pain signals at the spinal cord. IFC Stimulation helps to reduce swelling and increase blood flow to the area to naturally promote healing and repair. Interferential Current Stimulation is different from TENS because it allows a deeper penetration of the tissue, with more comfort and increased circulation.

Common uses: Pre and post-orthopaedic surgery, cumulative trauma disorders, joint injury syndrome, increasing circulation and pain control of various origins.

If you are looking for a comprehensive treatment using physiotherapy in Mississauga, our team can guide you to option that would suite your injury to promote a drug free management for your pain. We are available for consultations over the phone or at our Mississauga physio clinic.