How do I Find my Proper Sizing for Stockings?


Patients should be measured when they first get up in the morning. This helps prevent the fitter from measuring based upon the affected area’s circumference after swelling has occurred.

Measure the patient while he or she is standing. If the fitting can not take place before the patient has been on his/her feet for some time, the patient’s legs and feet should be elevated for 15 minutes prior to taking the measurements.

Take snug measurements against the skin. Avoid measuring over socks or slacks. Never allow folds in stockings. Never remove any wound dressings. Stockings should not be too tight over dressings. Socks must fit the shape of the foot. Socks should have even compression or elasticity so that the sock takes on the anatomical shape of the foot without high compression (binding points) that may create discomfort or circulation obstruction.

Observe the bare foot prior to donning the sock. After donning the sock, the foot shape should be consistent with that of the bare foot.
Sizing Diagram
Always consult your health care provider about health concerns or conditions and whether
gradient compression is right for you.