Does manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) treat other conditions?

  1. Traumatic injuries – e.g. bruises, muscle fiber tears, dislocation of joints, swelling due to sports injuries, sprains, etc.

  2. Bruising and swelling due to fractures can be treated before the affected area is casted; or pre or post-surgery

  3. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – acting as an analgesic effect and reducing swelling.

  4. Rheumatic disorders – e.g. rheumatoid arthritis; MLD may be used to reduce inflammation and act as a pain reliever.

  5. Dental procedures – MLD can be used for correcting jaw positions or following tooth extractions and operations.

  6. Chronic inflammation – MLD may be used for chronic cold, chronic tonsillitis, chronic sinusitis, or chronic bronchitis.

  7. MLD has been shown to have an effect on concussions, headaches, migraines and Meniere’s syndrome