Managing "Text Neck"

As technology has progressed, more and more individuals have begun using their phones more frequently, albeit setting an alarm to wake up, texting, calling and for entertainment. As we continue to use our phones, this action begins to take a toll on our bodies. These problems include repetitive strain injuries, hand pains as well as strains on their neck. 

This problem seems to be more common with the youth.

In a recent study that looked at neck pain in children and youth, participants in this study spent on average five to seven hours on their mobile devices in a position which involved their neck being bent forward at an angle greater than 45 degrees. All the participants reported having pain in the neck region for greater than six months. This pain has begun to be more prevalent in children and youth which use their mobile devices frequently.  

Here are three tips to consider to help break those habits and protect your back and neck from sprain and strain:

  1. Decrease Screen Usage: limiting screen time on your mobile devices to two hours a day can greatly decrease your risk of getting a strain or sprain.
  2. Allow Your Eyes to Rest Frequently: Balance is very important for your body, and allowing your eyes to rest is very important and will put less strain on your eyes. It is suggested to take a break after every 45 minutes. During this break you can get up and stretch or take a walk, anything that does not involve a screen.
  3. Stretch and Strengthen: Since you are using your neck muscles frequently when looking at your mobile device, it is important to stretch, strengthen and increase the range of motion of the neck in order to prevent strains and sprains from occurring. Doing this on a regular basis will benefit your body greatly. 

Sprains and strains of the neck should be addressed as soon as possible before they begin to get out of hand. Our specially trained health care professionals at MyHealth Care Centre can address these injuries for you via physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractic rehabilitation. Your health is our top priority and we will try our best to help you.