Does My Butt Look Strong In These?

    The “glutes” are formed from the gluteal muscles: gluteus minimus, medius and maximus. Collectively, this group of muscles are the strongest in your body. They allow you to extend, abduct, and rotate the hip and propel your body upward or forward and contribute to lower body explosive power. This includes movements like squats, lunges, and climbing stairs. Activating your glutes will improve your ability to perform such movements and more:

  • improve athletic performance (speed, strength, and explosive power)

  • reduce the risk of injury

  • ease strain on the spine when moving in multiple directions by controlling movement in the torso, hips and legs

  • hip mobility

  • low back stability

  • prevents hamstring strains and other overuse injuries

    They counter the movement in these areas to help keep you balanced and to prevent straining other muscles. This is especially important in generating a lot of force quickly, often in rotational movements like in golf swings or batting a baseball. The glutes contribute to the smooth flow of energy throughout the body into the hand to hit the ball.

    Weak or overused muscles cause people to compromise their movement in order to prevent discomfort or pain, but continuing these compensations can worsen their situation over time. Weak glutes can cause the muscles of the lower back, quads, hamstrings and groin to be overworked. By activating gluteal muscles it will reduce the strain on these muscles and reinforce the correct order of muscle recruitment for acceleration, deceleration, power and changes in direction more efficiently.

    Living a sedentary lifestyle contributes to weakened glutes. When sitting for hours at a time, our glutes aren’t activated because, simply, they don’t need to be. Likely, since they are being trained to activate often, they aren’t firing as they should when you exercise. This can lead to low back pain and hip pain and can hinder strength, speed and power. Without glute activation, you will generate inferior levels of power compared to when these muscles are engaged, since there is more potential energy available in them to create greater overall force. Exercising isn’t the only way to activate the glutes. Foam rolling and stretching also help to ease pain in overused muscles.